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“Everything a young mama needs to know to start a new active life, reach a new level, change not only externally but also internally.”


Fitmama Easystart is a comprehensive approach to become the best and fittest version of yourself, irrespective of your age, strength and ability. All our workouts are designed to fit your needs and suit your conditions.


Everything in fitness comes down to eating right. With the Fitmama Easystart program, you can be carefree about the diet plans, for we here will help you with everything - diets to workouts.


Motivation is all that one needs to take that leap of faith. If you ever feel lost, there is no need for you to wander, for I am right here, with you, at every stage of your training. That’s a promise.


“Everything a young mama needs to know to start a new active life, reach a new level, change not only externally but also internally.”

A well-thought-out system that really works. Comprehensive approach. Gradual process from simple to complex without strain and over working.

  • Competent training process in the shortest possible time.
  • Nutrition
  • Optimal workout dose
  • Constant monitoring
  • Constant interest
  • Effective workouts and exercises
  • Correct recovery
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Clear Training Regimen

  • Get a coach who will solve your problems and lead you step by step to the desired result.
  • The «beginner» level will smoothly move to the «prepared beginner» and you will reach a new level of training to achieve more ambitious goals.
  • Correctly set exercise technique will increase endurance, strength and motivation.

Custom Nutritional Plan

  • We will develop a proper diet, sugar cravings will pass and we will develop healthy lifestyle habits.
  • Get rid of excess fat and lose up to 6 kilograms in twelve weeks.
  • We will establish the correct metabolism and come to an understanding of our body.

Weekly Check-in/ Accountability

  • You will be given step-by-step individual recommendations that are easy to implement in your future life.
  • Get rid of dissatisfaction with the specific features of changing your particular figure.
  • The activity that you acquire during the course will accompany you in life, bringing pleasure.




My name is Tatiana Gri. I am a fitness expert, fitness model, IFBB athlete, master of sports in powerlifting, champion of Ukraine in powerlifting, vice-champion of Ukraine in a fitness bikini competition. In addition, I am a certified universal master of the gym of the first, second and third levels of the Academy of Fitness of Ukraine, a specialist in nutritional support. But, what is most important for me of all of the above is that I am the mother of an athlete.

I was born in Ukraine, in an intelligent family with artistic roots. My dad was a very strong man and had a special influence on me, he brought up dignity in me and developed an inner core. I loved sports from an early age and immersed myself in it headlong as a child. What was done in our family was not just to move towards the goal, but certainly to achieve results, it will become clear.

it should be mentioned that in our family it was customary not only to move towards the goal, but certainly to achieve results, and it will become clear why I became who I am.


Tatyana, you are a coach with a capital letter! I really like your approach to the training process: always with a smile and in a positive way, no boring thousand-fold repetitions, no “driven horse” regimen. For the first time I got to the coach, after classes with whom my back doesn’t hurt! Even when it seems that tomorrow you will not be able to accelerate, in the morning everything is again in its place and you want to practice again. You wake up with a pleasant tension in the muscles that you pumped the day before. I am very glad to be on the course and study under your sensitive guidance!

Thanks for the workout, just super! After giving birth, I began to study at home using various videos, after training I had a breakdown and the next day I just lay there, although I had been doing fitness for three years before my daughter was born. The body has malfunctioned. I wanted to just quit everything and just do housework … BUT having tried your program and resumed my strength! Now every new lesson is looking forward to! Thanks!!!

Tanya, I would like to summarize the work done. The results make me very happy. To be honest, I did not take any measurements, there was no goal to lose weight, the goal was to strengthen muscles, tone up, and recover. Thank you for such thoughtful and detailed training, taught you to push up, mastered the planks, breathing exercises and a special thank you for training the pelvic floor muscles !!! I feel lightness in my whole body, and I really want to repeat your course! And a special thank you for the little money and an affordable course !!!

This is some kind of magic! Not once during the program did I have a desire not to train or quit at all. On the contrary, one has only to start and it carries me: you can still! Tatyana, I have completed the course completely and am extremely happy about it. The results are on the face, not only did I lose weight. my legs stopped hurting, I forgot what cystitis is, it’s all work with the pelvic floor, and most importantly, my stomach, which I could not cope with for so long, is gone. Thank you from the heart !!!!!!!

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