Do you want to get the high from life again, look your best, stand out among? Do you want to be in excellent physical shape and be an example for your children and the whole family?

Do you dream to work out your fears that «suddenly it will not work out», «I have to break myself», «I have to work too hard», and others? Have you finally decided to overcome your fear of difficulties, laziness, passion for diets and admiration for sweets?

Then you’ve come to the right site! I will teach you «how», I will lead you to the correct regime, I will support, instruct, and if necessary, I will make you happy!

After completing the course, you will again be ready to receive pleasure from your body and enjoy life.

You will receive individual recommendations for steps that are easy to harmoniously implement in the life of a young mother. You can train on your own or online, receiving feedback.

You will like yourself again, wear whatever you want, enjoy your videos and photo sessions, get rid of dissatisfaction with your appearance forever, recharge with life energy, eliminate stress and increase self-esteem.

Feel the result on yourself in a couple of weeks!

No amount of dieting, self-torture, fasting, stress and chaotic training will lead you to such amazing results of changes in shape and condition as the Fit Mama Easy start course.

Four Problems

Let your results speak for you.


You have put on extra pounds, which not only spoil your figure visually, but also interfere with your normal well-being. You dream of getting rid of the hated fat once and for all.

My author's project is not just another «slimming marathon», but an easy entry into a training regime. We will learn how to formulate a balanced, nutritious diet. For this, a special food constructor has been created with different options for products for the day. It will help you shed excess weight, but it will also significantly reduce your cravings for sweets and starchy foods. I'll put all the important details on the shelves: training progress, approach to nutrition, recovery process, and so on. You will know everything you need and more.


The upper back is overworked due to muscle imbalance. Due to excess tension in the muscles, pain appears between the shoulder blades, some careless movements cause inconvenience.

The back is affected by the state of muscle imbalance resulting from childbirth. The program will help you relax overextended muscles and stretch them a little. And the muscles that were not used, on the contrary, are connected to work. This author's course is the fastest and smartest way for women, regardless of the workload, to bring them back to a full functional state.


«She swam on the ground like a white swan» – this is no longer about you. Slouching has become a habitual position of the body. «Don't be hunched over!» – you say to yourself, but you forget about it in the maelstrom of household chores and your whole appearance suggests that you have aged at least ten years.

Strictly completing all the tasks of the program will allow you to stop feeling awkward and clumsy. The corrected posture will acquire a become and a feminine smoothness of movements will appear. Over time, your body will cease to be constrained and will succumb to gradual stretching. Until you come into a form that suits you.


A flat stomach or a Brazilian ass remains a pipe dream. The desire to restore the figure after childbirth rests on the inability to draw up a competent lesson plan. Physical activity in fits and starts is useless, money for a gym, swimming pool and fitness «flies into the pipe».

The course will help you return a flat stomach, get rid of muscle weakness. You will be able to tighten the buttocks, which will become round, and the hips, which will acquire a pleasant firmness. We will return all the charming charms to your figure that you had before giving birth. And even more.

Formation of habits


  • Are you running out of time for anything? Strength training, fitness, swimming are irregular in your life. Constantly forced to carve out time for them, but do not get pleasure. Moreover, you often cancel sports activities for the sake of "more important" household chores.

  • My course is an assembled system with correctly adjusted training dosage, nutrition and exercise direction. This is not an army regime, but a gradual cutting off of the excess. For example, in a diet we do not eat what is not allowed, but we consume what is needed and at the same time we do not starve. Classes are held daily according to the schedule, the training will not be exhausting, but it will become constant.
  • Fortitude and tenacity

  • Consistency brings results. Super efforts are not required from you, but continuous work on yourself and your body. We will work hard to achieve the desired result and it will be achieved in small daily steps.

  • Thus, the improvement of your body will begin with elementary perseverance and the manifestation of your inner strength, interest and involvement in the upcoming program.
  • Self-confidence

  • Afraid that you will fail? Tell yourself that you are not adapted for this? Irrevocably out of shape? Laziness? No time?

  • Overcoming fears and weaknesses is a gradual process that depends not only on perseverance, but also on results. Doubts and fears will melt after each small victory over yourself and your body, after each completed workout. Your focus will be on small gains and intermediate positive results.
  • Self-respect

  • Femininity and strength are what you are called to return during my course. Recovery training, water procedures and breathing practices are waiting for you, which are useful for both the figure and emotional calmness. Results will come naturally and with pleasure.

  • Being a mother, being a woman, looking great and developing is a combined state that any modern woman aspires to. Correct presentation of yourself, aristocratic posture and good mood will become your everyday routine.
  • Need more proof of your future changes?

    here are some proofs


    Group 722



    Clear Training Regimen

  • Get a coach who will solve your problems and lead you step by step to the desired result.

  • The «beginner» level will smoothly move to the «prepared beginner» and you will reach a new level of training to achieve more ambitious goals.

  • Correctly set exercise technique will increase endurance, strength and motivation.
  • Custom Nutritional Plan

  • We will develop a proper diet, sugar cravings will pass and we will develop healthy lifestyle habits.

  • Get rid of excess fat and lose up to 6 kilograms in twelve weeks.

  • We will establish the correct metabolism and come to an understanding of our body.
  • Weekly Check-in/ Accountability

  • You will be given step-by-step individual recommendations that are easy to implement in your future life.

  • Get rid of dissatisfaction with the specific features of changing your particular figure.

  • The activity that you acquire during the course will accompany you in life, bringing pleasure.




    After a couple of weeks, some results can be tracked. Muscle tone, posture improvement, the appearance of vigor. You will see progress in the baseline. And with each subsequent week, progress will increase. This will directly depend on the increase in training intensity. Exercises will grow from simple to difficult and endurance will build up in the end and the results at the end of the course will be simply amazing.

    The aim of the course is to recover from childbirth and breastfeeding. In conditions when there is no time for the gym, you have not exercised for several years, you have a lack of sleep, there is dissatisfaction with your appearance, fullness, critically low energy reserves, self-esteem falls, you experience stress.

    Our task is to prepare for a more intense training process. My author’s course is intended primarily for beginners who want to develop a healthy lifestyle habit. With the help of regular exercise, you will gain shape, gain a beautiful figure, endurance and strength will appear. You can restore proper muscle function and lose weight (up to 6 kg) in 12 weeks.

    You will also receive support from a coach, work through fears and increase motivation. We include muscles in the work, set up technique, establish the functionality of the body, and then gradually move on to more complex things. The main goal can be considered general recovery and build-up of preventive stamina – to get off the ground. Therefore, the program is called easy start.

    We learn to breathe correctly, learn the correct movement patterns, activate deep muscles, remove muscle imbalances, and work with posture. We master an individual course of nutrition without diets. Learning how to make a balanced complete diet. For this, a special food constructor has been created with different options for products for the day, which are easy to combine on your own. Using it, you will love pure nutrition that saturates the body with everything it needs.

    There are eight basic steps in the gradual process of moving from simple to complex without stress or overwork. 1. Competent training process. 2. The shortest terms of changes in the organism. 3. Balanced diet. 4. Optimal training load. 5. Continuous monitoring of external changes and internal state. 6. Constant development of interest, increased motivation. 7. Effective training, exercise. 8. Correct recovery.

    The program consists of 12 weeks of classes. A consultation in the zoom program is scheduled every week, during which all problems are clarified and all questions are answered. Fit Mama Easy start program is 42 full-fledged workouts, nutrition plan, group communication and coach support.

    Workouts, built from simple to complex, are held in video format. 30-60 minutes a day, six days a week. They will alternate: MPF, mobilization of joints, activation of muscles and deep muscles, stretching, strength.

    Daily communication with the mentor and other charges in the chat. Communication of all program participants will take place in a special group. This group is monitored by a master trainer and promptly answers any questions that arise. I will be available in this group every day for timely assistance to the wards. Also, every week there will be consultations in the zoom program, during which I find out all the problems of students and give answers to all pressing questions. This is a kind of debriefing, combined with summing up the results of the past week and answering questions. Identification of mistakes and difficult moments.

    According to modern opinion polls, 52% of people use online learning for various needs. Thanks to online education, 34% of users have achieved tangible results, improving their individual performance. The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly increased the popularity of online courses. Keep up with the times and you will see that online brings the expected results. We all have a habit of working in the gym directly with a coach. But my program is specially designed to work online. You do not waste time on the road, the coach’s attention is higher, because he is always online, which means he is in touch with the students. 

    I guarantee you the result. But only if you fulfill all the working conditions during all weeks of the course. If you are doing everything carefully and conscientiously, but you cannot achieve the result, I will allow you to stay in the program until you do it!

    The course is designed for 12 weeks. This is 42 days of classes.

    You will not need anything except a rug, the simplest dumbbells and fitness rubber bands. You do not need to work out in the gym, it is enough to have a little free space in the room.

    During the course, we eat well, do not starve. But we remove from the diet foods that prevent us from losing weight. I recommend completely eliminating alcohol, or using it very rarely. 

    This program is specially designed for beginners. It is just for you. Join us!